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                               Anupaan - R

  • Ayurvedic Resistance Enhancer for plants.

  • It is Nonpoisonous and Nontoxic in nature

  • Anupaan – R serves a dual purpose of developing resistance & strengthening the immunity system in the plant

  • Capacity of the plant to fight with the pest is enhanced and thus Incidence of occurrence of pests is naturally reduced.

  • It also helps plants to protect themselves from fungal as well as various attacks.

  • Contains extracts of various plants Amrita, Kapoor, Pudina, Palash, Nagkesar, Kumari, Tulsi, Sagwan, Magadha, Vidang, Dikamali, Yawanika & Gandhatrina.

  • These constituents work together to build greater Resistance Power within the plant.

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