• Anupaan is a Plant Vitalizing Ayurvedic liquid Manure, concentrate       of mixture of herbs which ensures the healthy growth of all kinds of plants, trees and crops. It is Non poisonous & Non- toxic in nature.

  • Though it restores the fertility of soil, it is neither a fertilizer  nor a hormone.

  • It is required in very small quantity per acre and crop can harvested while maintaining the same yield in comparison with chemical fertilizers.  

  • Contains extracts of plants Amruta, Karpoor, Ela, Nagkesar,   Vasaka and Pudina.

  • These constituents’ acts together as a health preserver for plants as Chyawanprash work on the human body.  

Available in 3 Packs

30 ml pack Price-   Rs.150/-

200 ml pack Price- Rs.900/-

500 ml pack Price- Rs.1950/-


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