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Parnanetra Ayurvedic Agro System
Since 1988 Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay is pursuing Research & Development Activity in the field of Ayurvedic formulations for plants, domestic and industrial applications. All the products are Non Toxic.

Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay have devoted all their energy in devising ways and means to transform this knowledge of plant’s health and growth into specific formulation to suit present day climates and conditions Vrikshayurveda describes the properties of various plants as well as other substances, which can be used as manure.  The aspect of all-pervading pollution of various kinds affecting soil, water and air had to be taken into consideration while researching and experimenting in the fields.

Research & Development

Innovation and an Invention In terms of Ayurvedic Pharmacology, the process of Anupaan is an innovation and an invention as well. Innovation in the sense that there had been no agricultural application of Ayurvedic Knowledge in modern times prior to the researches of Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay. It is an invention in the sense that, our all agricultural inputs Pallav , Anupaan, Anupaan-R, Pallav -16 , Pallav BP, Anupaan Mango, Anupaan Anaar , Anupaan Grapes and  Anupaan Rapid Sugar simultaneously restore fertility of soil and achieve healthy growth of plants have been developed Products based on Anupaan Concept and manufactured for the first time in the entire world.

New Factor In the Agriculture 

By Divine Grace ultimately we have been able to recycle natural resources for natural rejuvenation. We have been successful through constant and continuous experiments to determine the proportion, the process and doses of vitalizing elements to their optimum levels. We have employed Ayurvedic knowledge, which is more than five thousand years old to create distinct medicinal agents to vitalize plants and also enable them to resist fungus, pests and insects. As such, they are purely Ayurvedic in nature, in content and in preparation. It is altogether a new factor of development in the field of Agriculture

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