oAyurvedic Plant Development Regulator oIt is Nonpoisonous & Nontoxic in nature.

oAnupaan Mango is a specially developed Product which ensures the healthy growth of Mango trees.

oContains extracts of various plants Amrita, Vasaka Tulsi, Vanshalochan, Kanchanar, Kapoor, Ela, Harsinger, Maulasary, Nagkesar, Vidang, Nilgiri & Pudina.

oPlays an important role in different stages of Leaves development of Mango trees as well as in defense against adverse environmental factors

Anupaan Mango - Ayurvedic Input for Agricultura

SKU: AM 500
    • Are 100% Ayurvedic formulations
    • Non Toxic & Non Residue
    • Can be used for ground feeding as well as foliar spray
    • No need of sticker or spreader.
    • Absorbed within 30 Minutes of application
    • oIs compatible with other Organic & Inorganic Products

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