o Ayurvedic Plant Development Regulator. oIt is Nonpoisonous & Nontoxic in nature.

oAnupaan Anaar is a specially developed Product which ensures the healthy growth of pomegranate trees.

oContains extracts of various plants Amrita, Vasaka Tulsi, Vanshalochan, Ela Pudina,Kanchanar, Kapoor,, Harsinger , Vidang, and Nagkesar

oHelp to maintain callose function in plants tissue develops strength under stress conditions. Plays an important role in different stages of individual development as well as in defense against adverse environmental factors

Anupaan Anaar - Ayurvedic Input for Agricultura

SKU: AA 500
    • Are 100% Ayurvedic formulations
    • Non Toxic & Non Residue
    • Can be used for ground feeding as well as foliar spray
    • No need of sticker or spreader.
    • Absorbed within 30 Minutes of application
    • oIs compatible with other Organic & Inorganic Products

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