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                         Anupaan Grapes

  • Ayurvedic Plant Developmental Regulator.

  • It is Nonpoisonous & Nontoxic in nature.

  • Anupaan Grape is a specially developed Product which ensures the healthy growth of Grape Plants.

  • Enhances Resistance towards Powdery Mildew.

  • Contains extracts of various plants Amrita, Vasaka ,Tulsi, Vanshalochan, Kanchanar, Bel, Ark, Ela, Vidang, Maulasari, Nagkesar, Kuberakshi, Yawanika, Nilgiri and Pudina.

  • These constituents’ acts together as a health preserver for plants.

  • Plays an important role in different stages of individual development as well as defense against adverse environmental factors.

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