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 Human Friendly Agriculture  with Ayurveda


Since 1988 Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay has established the techniques of Ayurvedic-Organic farming concept “Anupaan Concept“ and is proven very successfully on various crops through constant farmer to farmer approach.

Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay is pursuing Research & Development Activity in the field of Ayurvedic formulations for plants, living beings for domestic and industrial applications. Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay is presently manufacturing Anupaan, Anupaan-R, Pallav, AVR-100. Pallav-16, Pallav BP, Anupaan Anaar, Anupaan Mango, Anupaan Grapes, Anupaan Citrus Anupaan Rapid Sugar.


Parnanetra Sanshodhanalay have devoted all their energy in devising ways and means to transform this knowledge of plant’s health and growth into specific formulation to suit present day climates and conditions.

Vrikshayurveda describes the properties of various plants as well as other substances, which can be used as manure.

The aspect of all-pervading pollution of various kinds affecting soil, water and air had to be taken into consideration while researching and experimenting in the fields.


Parnanetra has, over a period, built up strong documentation and credentials to prove the capabilities of its products.To make Parnanetra Group more decentralized and customer friendly we have decided to form different companies to handle area wise and segment wise execution. 

Environment & Sustainability

 Knowledge or sensation in this universe could ultimately be perceived only through the agency of five factors namely hearing, touch, vision, taste and smell and this is possible only with the help of the bhootas. Parts of these Mahabhootas manifest as doshas in a living body.

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